• April 1, 2024

Jodan Completes Double Over Robel

By Ebrima Suwareh

Jodan defeated Robel in a grand combat on Sunday at the Serekunda West Mini Stadium to complete his double over the Daru Busumballa based wrestler.

Wrestler Jodan receiving introductions and final preparations ahead of the bout, photo credit Ebou Secka.

Jodan who dominated the bout from start to finished was declared the winner at the end of regular time with Robel having two warnings during the fight.

The combat organized by Chart Promotion marked the  second time the two young wrestlers meet.

This time around it was Jodan and Club Nema Saku Ham Ham that went home celebrating after the final whistle.

Elsewhere in freestyle wrestling (mbapat), Metro (Jabang United) defeated Jane Kaire (Biri Biri Academy), Kani Bu Sew (Feke Ma Si Boleh) wrestle down Suley Yandeh (Nema Mbolo) in “Roffo” style of wrestling, Scorpion (Jeff Jel) override Land Rover (Yanda Mbaye).

Pictorial of promoters of the bout, photo credit Ebou Secka.

Meanwhile in wrestling with boxing (Boureh Dorr), Boy Sanjal (Paradise Mbolo) defeated Volume (Ebo Town Mbolo), Quench (Bundung Kai Bakh) won Ndungu Kebbeh (Ndungu Kebbeh), Euma Saine (Bundung Kai Bakh) got the better of Komie Junior (Serekunda Mbolo).

In other wrestling bouts, Dorlima (Jabang Mbolo) dominated and defeated Euma Saine (Club Sukutankulu) while Buwassor (Bundung Dorr Dorat) wrestle to ground Euma Saine (Ndongo Ceesay) in the traditional “Roffo” style.

Robel ahead of his bout with Jodan, photo credit Ebou Secka.

Dugureychu of Club Sanchaba Ham Sa Chossan defeated Confiyans of Club Tallinding United in the special combat before Jodan got completed his double over Robel.

Fans from various works of life cheering for their favorite wrestlers, photo credit Ebou Secka.

The event attracted hundreds of fans from all works of life who turned out to cheer their respective wrestlers.

Fans from various works of life cheering for their favorite wrestlers, photo credit Ebou Secka

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