• March 24, 2023

Predicaments facing 18 year old Gambian footballer

Salim Ceesay is a Gambian footballer who says he is combining his studies, work, and playing top-flight football in The Gambia in other to put food on his table.

The soft-spoken 18 year old plays for first division male giants Wallidan in the Gambian league and studies bio-medical at the University of The Gambia and works at the Sukuta Health Center.

Salim Ceesay to be introduce as a substitute, photo credit Salim’s gallery collection.

Ceesay started playing football at the age of seven with his brothers and friends as he faced no challenge from his parents as to stopping him from playing football.

Since Salim is on a scholarship package to study in the University of The Gambia has fewer necessities to carter for if needs arise.

“When competitions clash with my duty days, I go to work and try to close early before joining the camp and eventually playing.

“But if I have a busy schedule at work I do not go for training but concentrate on saving lives because I have to concentrate on my education and that comes with my work as a health personnel.”

Salim attending a patient, photo credit Salim’s gallery collection.

Work and football do not need to go together in other developed countries like England, France, Spain, Italy, and others but footballers work and still battle on the field.

“We all know that sports in The Gambia is not that much powerful and I cannot depend on it alone, I most have somewhere to hold onto in other to make it if football is not possible.”

Salim admits that making a career in football in The Gambia is not among his options.

Ceesay says “at my work place I give my full commitment to the job because is saving lives that is why I do not joke with it and also at the field of play I dedicate all my effort to train and learn as well.”

Ceesay on his education, photo credit Salim’s gallery collection.

So many good footballers whom I know before, concentrate only on football and at the end they didn’t make it and now they are in a very bad condition of living, Salim told Correa’spress.

“I do not want to be in the part of regret that is why I am doing the two at the same time and if opportunities arise will take it with all hands.”

His love and passion for his work could be seen as a limitation for his progress in his footballing career.

photo credit Salim’s gallery collection.

He is yet to represent The Gambia at an international level but dreams of representing his country when his given a called up.

The coach also understands my situation and he helps me a lot and my co-workers are very understanding and supportive as well, Ceesay said.

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  • Salim ceesay is a very good football player who deserves more, not only him but the gambian footballer himself who wants to play as a professional needs to be help to claim what he wants. So I here by say gambian footballers deserve more…All the best salim ceesay! !!

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