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By Pa Furmus Correa

Sainey Kanyi, 19 years of age studying at the University of Chiekh Anta Diop in Senegal aspires for the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) president ship in the coming six or eight years after completing his schooling career as International relations student.

Aspirant GFF presidential role Sainey Kanyi almost ready to join the race, Photo credit Sainey Kanyi galley collections.

Sainey Kanyi graduated from the Gambia Methodist Academy in 2019 and already in love with the football administrative works due to inspiration gain from top football administrative officials.

Kanyi who is currently the youngest executive member of a football club call Steve Biko, Vice President of London United and one of the youngest aspirant for the GFF presidential role in The Gambia, Kanyi said he is not in a haste to stand as a candidate for the GFF presidential election as his team is not ready yet but believe they will be ready in the next six or eight years.

Sainey Kanyi with current GFF President Kaba Bajo one of his inspiration, Photo credit Sainey Kanyi gallery collections
Sainey Kanyi with GFF Secretary General another inspiration, Photo credit Sainey Kanyi gallery collections

In an exclusive interview with Correa’spress through WhatsApp messenger, Kanyi said he will rule the football fraternity with hope, confidence, passion and game changing.

Football has been my passion since I was young and I have always wanted to lead Gambian football in the future to make my country ‘great’ and recognize, Sainey said.

I want to be that GFF president who would forever instill hope into the hearts of the people and ignite the rebirth and structure of the administration of the football, Sainey Kanyi said.

Sainey Kanyi at the Senegalese Football Federation house, Photo credit Kanyi’s collections.

When asked about the infrastructural difficulties of the Gambia and budget allocation towards football with a lone Stadium and parks not up to standards, Kanyi was quick to say, “I would closely work with the government through the Ministry of Sports and Foreign Affairs to see the increment of infrastructure.  

Gambia Football Association (GFA) now called Gambia Football Federation (GFF) the body responsible for football in the Gambia was founded in 1952, and affiliated to FIFA in 1968 and to CAF in 1966. It organizes the national football league and the national team.

Since the establishment of the body there are more than eight presidents who took part into making the body recognize and great association with Lamin Kaba Bajo being the current president as of today.

He would be the youngest GFF president if elected as the president of the association in six or eight years to come.

It is a rear thing for a 19 year old to take part in any form of elections in the Gambia as youth are rarely given a chance of winning or contesting due to the believe of not winning.

With all the burdens attach to the GFF presidential role Sainey Kanyi still believe he can make a difference when his in power in the next six or eight years.

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  • He is really an ambitious and a determined young man ,I hope and pray that he achieves what he is aspiring for and make his family and country proud.

  • oh yes he is

  • His determination and interest to bring a light face into the Gambia football is beyond matrix keep up fam


  • Sainey is up for greatness, everything starts small and for sure he will accomplish his goal in the near future. His love and passion for the game is unbelievable. Trust The Process.

    • Sure dreams come through so why not.

  • He’s very ambitious and knows what he wants, I believe it’s only a matter of time for him to take over and make everyone proud. Wishing you all the best Sainey.

  • Sainey Kanyi has been my friend since childhood and one thing I really admire about him is his honesty and loyalty. He’s an extraordinary lad .

  • Sainey is very determined for this role. May God answer his prayers and make him the best GFF president ever.

    #Trust The Process

    • Thanks for taking your time to go through the story. I would love to follow your site if you have one help me with the link please.

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